world of illusion


NEWSFLASH about acting: One would not hire an inspired plumber, right?!.

      dream      state of illusion     world of imagination


     An actor must be trained in the skill of acting.

     To be trained in the world of illusion.

     It is a craft with a toolkit full of tools. The individual tools are acquired through the learning of the art.

     As an actor you must: "accept the world of illusion". Entering a dream, you must stay in the dream.

     Furniture, atmosphere; know it, get use to it. Walk in see the room. When act it it is like you walk into a dream, an illusion. All exploration. Explore each moment.

     Actor has to get used to the world of illusions. Don't always be touching something.

      An actor has to be trained to be in the world of illusion.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."