dialogue         find the words         lines

             Learn the words subject by subject, not line by line. In character forget words, think objective.

           Learning lines.

           Your brain will sort out the meaning for itself. You're conditioned to the meaning of words.

           In character forget words, think objective.

           Don't let words influence you how you say them.

           Bad actors knows all words and says them in same rhythm. Lifeless words.

           Learn the words and do it.

           Certainty is wrong. Do all your planning, work it out, learn the words and then step off into space.

             Clarity of words, that is what writers want, allow the dialogue to come out, don't disappear.

           The skill of comedy: string of words, find the beat.

           Actor has to find the words.

             Audience is interested in behavior, not words or information.

           Dramatic scene can be done without words.

           Can't sound like an actor who knows the words.

           Sloppy diction; actor swallowing words, he thinks audience knows words.

           If you can't tell story in behavior, it won't work with words.

             Author gives the words, as an artist you can do things, invent all that happens. Don't do words literally. Make words visual.

            Play of language: words are highly significant.

          The skill of comedy: string of words, find the beat.

          During rehearsal try this with a scene partner: have emotion and have objective, but don't use the words in the scene. Instead, make up the words. This will help you come up with behavior for the characters in the story.

          The actor feels the emotion and thinks the objective to become the character, then reaches for the words to make the character look real.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."