who am I?


     Who am I?

     spine is part of who am I?      three basic questions


What is the reality of this: What kind of human being am I?

Acting is being other people.

You as an actor don't come into it.

Never ask yourself what I would do, think "who am I", who the character thinks he is.

Who am I; Part of it is what is my relationship to the other person.


Don't be yourself with just emotion and objective, also who am I?

Who am I?

Is the first question you ask yourself. Then give the character an attitude.
Part of it is, "what is my relationship to the other person?"
In story, can it work, know the mechanism.
Only find what is actable. How to define character.
Give the audience a good time. What will sell. Why is he saying it. Be likable, amuse, delight.
1. Who am I?

Ideal image of the character

Whole behavior will change.

Secret self of the character of the character 

"In the end, it can't look like acting."