Part I. SIMPLE
    A. Speak simple, clearly and CLEAN.
      1. articulate
      2. elocution
      3. emote
      4. enunciation
      5. projection
      6. resonance
      7. vocal instrument
    B. Language PLAY
      1. Shakespeare
          a. verse
          b. iambic pentameter
          c. cadence
          d. plays of language
          e. classic plays
          f. costume plays


          Voice placement.

          Avoid tension in your neck.

          The character can be out of out of control, but never the actor.

          Place your voice in your diaphragm and speak with resonance not breath.

          Good acting is never elocution, which is making pictures with sound.

          An actor must have a good vocal instrument, but not fall in love with it.

     articulate     emote     projection      vocal instrument

     elocution     enunciation     resonance

  1. Act with your whole body, the feelings are going, use your voice and don't bury dialogue trying to be natural. Use color, don't mumble. How to make it special, how to illuminate it. As an actor be a chef, be decorative.
  2. Attempt at proper speech.
  3. Cannot command a stage in high voice.
  4. Don't turn playwrights word into breath. Fill a palace room with voice.
  5. Entertainers. Don't do natural, sameness is fatal. All sameness even voice. Hold interest do entertaining things.
  6. Everything is up front, don't whisper, fill the space, voice and energy.
  7. Find yourself in doubt you loose voice, fear of sounding like you're acting. Can't avoid by whispering.
  8. Get ready, place voice. Create images for audience. Greek bodies figures, see how they stand. Well rounded actor, you must have imaginary.
  9. Good voices have ruined more actors than whiskey.
  10. Has to effect how you speak.
  11. Have a voice and lungs. Speak clearly. Simple, clear, clean. Too much means insecurity of actor.
  12. How to work in film? Place your voice so you don't become bombastic. Yelling doesn't work in film. Search for the words. React before saying it. Watching people in behavior.
  13. Just don't act with voice, use whole body.
  14. Modern acting: talk with body before you talk with voice.
  15. Must practice tone voice resonance.
  16. Never play a role in high wispy voice or child like for anything. Only for dumb blonds on game shows.
  17. Play drama with a lower voice, not way up.
  18. Reach someone with your will, not your voice: quiet.
  19. Simple, honest, vocal. Don't start acting, once you remind audience you're an actor it's over. Cannot take every big moment and turn it into radio, vocalize or make it loudly. The problem is to deal with big moments. They don't have to be loud. First beginning actors do tricks with face, they substitute for feelings. Can't act with face.
  20. Sound must go with look. Theater: fill the auditorium.
  21. Speak clearly. Simple, clear, clean. Too much means insecurity of actor. Use charm and good posture. Relax yourself.
  22. Still have a voice.
  23. Use deep tone in poetry.
  24. Use deep tones of voice if villain.
  25. Variety in voice.
  26. Voice, strength.
  27. Voice or imitate; so things very believable, for actors you have impressions of old movies, doesn't belong. Deal with modern acting make money.
  28. Vocal can't be high all the time.
  29. What does your body do, your voice?
  30. You only recognize emotions from the face, voice, behavior, etc.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."