1. Acting natural won't get you anywhere. You have to be above the mob. You have to have fire in the belly. If you carry dullness, you're doomed. Stand-up there and vibrate, forget reality and just look for the theatrical.
  2. Art is theatrical, colorful, exciting. (Two people on a hot grille.)
  3. Choice something theatrical.
  4. Conversation in a play has to be theatrical event.
  5. Decisions: 1. How to enter the room. 2. When to see her. Theatrical moment. All a matter of decisions: Theatrical decisions.
  6. Done perfectly normal scene: change it. Look for the theatrical.
  7. Has to be light. Comedy: Turn on all the lights. Fill the theater with personality. Last thing you want to be is natural. Natural is not entertaining. Must be theatrical.
  8. Idea what's theatrical?
  9. Learn how to be an entertainer. Take hold of stage. (She has to be passive with answer, he is aggressor), somebody has to be energy. That is theatrical scene.
  10. Make it visual.
  11. Must be theatrical.
  12. Naturalism is a bore, that is what's wrong with theater, must have high theatrics.
  13. Play the manner. Don't play prototypes. Theatrical.
  14. Qualities, theatrically, interesting in scene, go beyond the material, nice isn't good enough.
  15. Part magician. Contest, dueling: Every moment a battle, find ways, every moment is unusual. Theatrical sense. How do I make everything special. Once you have a spell, don't move.
  16. Play theater, the theatrical.
  17. Requires a number of technical things to work, theatrical.
  18. The actors with the theatrical knowledge.
  19. Theatrical choice.
  20. Theatrical is foreplay.
  21. Theatrical qualities; great deal of content.
  22. Theatricalism.
  23. Theatrically must be exciting not monotonous.
  24. Things have to happen dramatically to keep the audience attention.
  25. This scene is monotony. What we have to work with, the personality of the people. We have to make the scene exciting: the theatricality. Every possibility of change. HOW TO SERVE IT UP. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. Decorate the character, alarming.
  26. To do the classics: theatrical.
  27. To make a decision based not on investigating our inner psyche, but on our theatrical sense.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."