comedy     straight man

  1. A comedian stays in the four walls. Suffering of the character.
  2. Actors must suffer.
  3. All comedy is based on suffering.
  4. All facet of comedy is up front: bright lights, fast, main thrust to amuse. Everything is cut. Character suffers.
  5. All of it is the sad story of life. It's the way life goes. It's sad, it's unfair, it's terrible, it's suffering, it's tragic. There is no good comedy without suffering.
  6. Audience wants suffering, they want to watch you suffer.
  7. Beware if you are bemused by your character, the character has to suffer.
  8. Character suffering, don't just make dialogue joke.
  9. Comedy is about suffering, not just funny things.
  10. Comic; audience demand actors to suffer. Grand opera. Catastrophe is the secret.
  11. Comic suffering is different from tragic suffering.
  12. Don't be ashamed of image of language. Manner of walk and behavior. Don't die too quickly. A struggle that goes on, so that audience has to endure. Drama is deeply moved. Tragedy is the pit of all suffering, there is no more.
  13. Four hundred ways to do it, don't do it like in the movie, new look, new way, being a discoverer, watching people suffer, both.
  14. He's suffering, but don't play it literally.
  15. Huge pain.
  16. Humor is mainly based on suffering.
  17. Humor of despair. Suffer in grandiose to make it funny. Grand Opera.
  18. In comedy we want people to suffer (Harold Lloyd hanging from a clock, etc.)
  19. It's about suffering.
  20. Play comedy. Your character must suffer. Comedy is someone else's tragedy.
  21. Principle in comedy: People really have to suffer. Farce: They really have to suffer.
  22. Suffer in comedy. In pain, must have overtone of humor, it doesn't work.
  23. Suffer with variation.
  24. Suffering.
  25. Suffer look for the clown.
  26. Suffer; be in a dilemma.
  27. Suffer funny. Humor relates to audience. What can they relate to?
  28. Take on all the troubles of the character. The character must suffer.
  29. The clown never smiles, the clown has a tear painted in the corner of his eye. Everything hurts.
  30. The people are suffering. Start out tranquil. Chaos has to grow.
  31. The scene is a scene of suffering. When you approach comedy look for the pain in it. Always look for the pain.
  32. The secret of Farce is suffering.
  33. The whole key of comedy is suffering.
  34. Unless you suffer it's not going to work for scene.
  35. What kind of suffering, how much is there.
  36. Watching other people suffer.
  37. What is the pain? (to prove myself by setting a perfect table.)
  38. When approaching drama and comedy you must interest the audience right off. Dynamic. Even Comedy, something grab the audience. Audience wants to see suffering. Yes. I have been there, a world for audience to come in to.
  39. You can do funny things as long as you suffer. Audience says I've been there and laugh.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."