list of styles:


           Styles in acting.


1. Drama 7. Science Fiction
2. Comedy 8. Farce
3. Mystery 9. Black Comedy
4. Classic Tragedy 10. Comedy of Manners
5. Modern Tragedy 11. Theater of the Absurd
6. Fantasy


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          My drama coach, Don Richardson, created this list of eleven styles for the actor to learn and follow. A style of a film or play does not change. One style will help you stay in the right key with any scene. As you can see there are no such things as a comedy-drama or love romance mystery, etc.

           What is the style

              four pillars of acting       style

01. Drama A normal view of people in dramatic situation.
02. Comedy A normal view of people in comedic situation.
03. Mystery A normal view of people in dramatic situation... suspense.
04. Classic Tragedy Exalted people in tragic situations, all central characters die or destroyed in the end.
05. Modern Tragedy Ordinary people in tragic situations, all central characters die or destroyed in the end.
06. Fantasy Real and unreal people in fantastic situations.
07. Science Fiction Real and unreal people in fantastic situations, based on science.
08. Farce Heightened people in heightened comedic situations.
09. Black Comedy Heightened people in heightened comedic situations, based on despair.
10. Comedy of  Manners Heightened people in heightened comedic situations... society.
11. Theater of the Absurd Heightened people in abstract situations.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."