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how to get started in acting

  1. Actor is always in control, keep your skills. Great feeling, but stay in control of your instrument (your body). You have to learn to play the violin (your body). It's all about emotion.

  2. Being talented isn't enough, you must have skills.

  3. Divorce yourself from your skills.

  4. Not about logic, talking about the skill of telling a story.

  5. Sharpening my skills.

  6. Skill of acting.

  7. Skills and talent.

  8. Talent will take care of you. Don't just perfect skills, act down to your finger tips.

  9. The Art of Acting is actor being a spell binder, an entertainer.

  10. To act we are talking about skills, you just don't throw yourself into it.

  1. In comedy know skill, it can't be sloppy but precise. Work clean don't muddle it up.

  2. No skill, if you have skill you can make them laugh, give audience time to react.

  3. The skill of comedy: string of words, find the beat.

  4. What works, skills of comedy, nothing has changed over the centuries.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."