1. Audience is sentimental.
  2. Audience is extremely sentimental; always for the good guy.
  3. Audience will see the sentimentalism of it.
  4. Basically our society goes sentimental.
  5. Being good. Avoid sentimentality.
  6. Don't lose process of thought not line to line or thinking and feeling, not necessarily question to question for being funny. Even play human qualities. Terribly real. Go for funny or sentimental. Play for the reality of it, part that moves audience. Play his need rather going for joke. Don't be a clown.
  7. Do react to: (mothers fathers Love) sentimentality.
  8. Find the sensitivity in a scene.
  9. Jackie Gleason: middle of the craziness, must have sentimentality part to anchor. Best comedy: have the sentimental part to anchor it.
  10. Keep sensitivity.
  11. Keep values; doing it for the one who knows, always look for sentimentalities. Look for values for person.
  12. Objective is against sentimentality.
  13. When material is sentimental, sentimentality will turn audience off. A trap: that it is a sentimental scene. Play against the trap, play against sentimental. Audience wants to see people overcome their difficulties. Trap of: self pity.
  14. When you do your planning remember: Audience is very sentimental.
  15. Work on audiences heart string. Audience is sentimental.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."