frighten the audience

  1. Read Don Richardson's acting book:  "Acting Without Agony: Alternative to the Method" Read about Eichmann in the train station. That is the secret on how to be scary.
  2. How to be a dangerous person.
  3. If you show it all, it isn't frightening.
  4. The unknown is scary.
  5. How to talk to audience: (Evil man: don't play evil, just confiding with audience.) Don't shock audience, try to be a likable guy, be one of the friends. His jokes are undressing the girl. Bullies try to be liked. We try to make our lives better. When you play the devil, look for the saint. Do not alienate. People like to be liked.
  6. Mystery is scary.
  7. Principle: horror is, there is no horror.
  8. Principle: You can't play a dangerous person. It can't be done.
  9. Horror is there is no horror. Ordinary look of the monster.
  10. Scary for audience; (If this is going to happen you have to make him, pleasant for her to cope with him.)
  11. The way to play power. Find the mask. Don't play villain up front.
  12. Threat: don't suggest evil, start out ordinary.
  13. The unknown is scary.
  14. To play a scary person, play audience expectation: what would it be like. Angular. Don't float around like a leading man. Be scary.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."