Avoiding tension - how to relax.

             stay loose       stop rebellion


     Exercise to do at home.

     How to relax yourself?

     Sit on a chair comfortably. Put your arms to the side. Close your eyes. Shake your hands at your sides until they feel loose. Roll your head around clockwise, then counterclockwise a few times. You will feel the crackling in your neck. Now stop relaxed and think of jet-black water. Then open your eyes and keep that imagination. 


     Never let anyone see you preparing on the set. Do it in your trailer or behind scenery.

      Art form: requires you to be relaxed.

  1. Actor can't be intense, must stay relaxed.
  2. The character can be out of control; not the actor. You must be articulate. Don't get tense as actors, hands must be relaxed.
  3. Approach your work with body relaxed so the emotion can take over.
  4. Bigger emotions must be more relaxed.
  5. Get loose, loosen your body.
  6. Speak clearly. Simple, clear, clean. Too much means insecurity of actor. Use charm and good posture. Relax yourself.
  7. With bigger emotions, the actor must be more relaxed.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."