#1 problem with scenes: you didn't understand the story.

  1. A contest, or forget it. Exposition all over the scene.
  2. Acting privately. Tune-in on each other.
  3. Actors fell into traps of scene. Self pity entered, it turns audience off. Avoid self pity, it is as dangerous as trying to be cute.
  4. Actors took moment to act. Not part of story.
  5. All actors do what they do best - don't.
  6. All the wheels are showing. Don't. Nothing is predictable is best.
  7. Biggest problem: Actors not projecting out to audience.
  8. Both played antagonists.
  9. Caution: Exposition. Make it human or audience gets bored.
  10. Certain things missing.
  11. Compassion is like pity.
  12. Defeated choices: Wrong.
  13. Dialogue doesn't fit behavior.
  14. Didn't have no big emotional conflict.
  15. Didn't have reality of soldiers.
  16. Didn't stay in key Theater of Absurd  way out. What we're watching has to be crazy.
  17. Doing things that are obvious is wrong.
  18. Don't give us the monster, give us the foot.
  19. Done perfectly normal scene: change it. Look for the theatrical.
  20. Don't be clever don't become performer in Boldville.
  21. Don't comment on character.
  22. Don't do it all at once.
  23. Don't do unnecessary things, don't fuss.
  24. Don't get cute, take out the improvements.
  25. Don't get into the dialogue.
  26. Don't play as rehearsal, (he doesn't know this place of hers). The awareness isn't there. Make a series of discoveries.
  27. Don't reveal that you learned the dialogue. That is the thing that was wrong with it.
  28. Does not have a beginning, middle, or end.
  29. Doesn't look accidental.
  30. Each person is doing their own thing. Let's see chaos. The world is not logical.
  31. Element missing: (They wind-up falling in love.)
  32. If you show it all, it isn't frightening.
  33. It's like a chef planning a meal. He doesn't serve you the same thing. If you start with a asparagus, is the main course asparagus, does he give you asparagus fruit, does he end up with asparagus cake.
  34. It has to look accidental.
  35. It looks like acting. Loud and soft acting. Have two different personalities.
  36. It is not about you, it is about her, have the performance comes from the other person. That is the part you are leaving out, you were not aware of her at all. You were busy showing your character. It all comes from her.
  37. It was a discussion. Not emotional.
  38. Lacking emotion, just a conversation.
  39. Main faults: just not attainable; no limits.
  40. Main thing wrong: only going with mood of dialogue that is elocution, that is bull shit. What is important is overall objective.
  41. Missing human element.
  42. Missing in scene: any sense of danger.
  43. Missing in scene: feeling.
  44. Missing: The passion of being Italian.
  45. Naturalism is dull, you have to give them a circus.
  46. Never got past being a scene. Everything seems planned.
  47. Never make pictures of your character.
  48. No awareness of things, that should be aware of: (Bruised parts, hangover.)
  49. No creditability.
  50. No one wants to listen to court talk.
  51. No staging, give yourself playing area, otherwise you get stuck.
  52. Not a speech make it a happening.
  53. Not being conscious of it, lose yourself in it.
  54. Not different people, just same women.
  55. Not here to find out the suspense, play it.
  56. Not just an attitude.
  57. Not just narrative.
  58. Not line to line. it is behavior to behavior.
  59. Not reality, but creditability.
  60. Not stories of events.
  61. Not what they say. Forget radio. Moment by moment.
  62. Not words.
  63. Nothing as a viewer can watch. The point to be made.
  64. No way for audience to identify.
  65. Overacting. Two actors enjoying their performance. You're a fool, boy. Have to be in real love with each other. We are moved by people who are moved.
  66. Part of problem of scene. Both became conversational, so below a performance, conversation is not a scene.
  67. Playing the end at start.
  68. Problem: Do not play a scene.
  69. Problem here is: What is the important parts?
  70. Problem is: (on TV they would click you off, in movies they would go to the bathroom.) The pauses are so endless.
  71. Problem is: If I didn't hear dialogue, I wouldn't know what the scene is about. A deaf audience should understand. It's more than talking, not radio. What is essence of scene: Behavior. Visually it lacks things that are entertaining.
  72. Problem: Scene is on one surface: only superficial. Go further in depth: Loretta Taylor.
  73. Problem is: understand the story.
  74. Problem with scene: acted well, but...
  75. Problem with scene: Basic joke. If a thing is tragic enough it's funny.
  76. Problem with scene: drama is supposed to effect the audience, feel for these people.
  77. Requires a number of technical things to work, theatrical.
  78. Same problems: get your notebooks.1st problem: Don't understand the scene. What kind of scene? Meaning of scene.
  79. Scary for audience; (If this is going to happen you have to make him, pleasant for her to cope with him. )
  80. Scene is not able to hold audience.
  81. Scene lacks spontaneity and reality.
  82. Scene was a discussion. Not emotional.
  83. Solving special problems.
  84. Tasteless: it was about nothing.
  85. Technical stuff: was off.
  86. Technical things: Can't mumble words in eating food. Teach yourself to drink, eat, condition your body in rehearsal.
  87. The main trouble: it is not moving.
  88. Theme repeats itself: many variations. Scene has no progression. Scene nothing happens. Scare the shit out of the audience, weird. We need danger.
  89. The only complaint: audio level.
  90. The possibilities were not covered.
  91. The problem is: (If she is all strength, there is no question on the plays end.)
  92. The problem is: Create an atmosphere of great fear.
  93. The problem is: only understood three words. Read telephone book aloud. Speak clearly.
  94. The problem is: Today's acting is more direct play to each other great creditability. How they loath each other, brain to brain, not style to style, react to one another, instead of colorful deal with content.
  95. There was no connection with the characters.
  96. The trouble is the scene has to many things at all one time, it has no focus.
  97. There was no shape to scene. Dialogue was just loud and soft only.
  98. The "style" always changes everything. Only did physical structure of scene. Explore every moment.
  99. This scene is monotony. What we have to work with, the personality of the people. We have to make the scene exciting: the theatricality. Every possibility of change. How to serve it up. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. Decorate the character, alarming.
  100. To play a scary person, play audience expectation: what would it be like. Angular. Don't float around like a leading man. Be scary.
  101. To the problem. He has an attitude. Audience must see the
  102. Trap of material: no conflict in the scene.
  103. Villain is smiling and sneering, that is wrong.
  104. We couldn't see what was happening, acting was so minimal.
  105. Weren't on, weren't performing.
  106. What is missing? When your out of your depth you start yelling. Actor must not yell. Audience becomes immune to the yelling. Only if totally necessary.
  107. What was wrong with the scene? Scene out of balance. Acting on two levels. Hillman the author, what is her point; (the phonies in America, the rich, buy their way out of things.)
  108. What's wrong? The whole point of scene. The theme: (their friend has committed suicide.) Must command audience not to laugh.
  109. What's wrong: What is the purpose of the scene?
  110. What you did was nice acting, but didn't follow the story.
  111. What you are playing are naked people, not real.
  112. You can't do what you did, it's not radio. What is the situation? What is the story? What is the thing that would interest the audience? The first thing you have to look for.
  113. Why isn't it working?
  114. Wrong casting. Other problems: First to examine in any scene: 1) what are the traps. 2) make choices that would ____scene.
  115. Wrong with scene.
  116. You are listening to yourself.
  117. Things you did wrong.
  118. Problem.
  119. Bad:
  120. The trouble is:
  1. Black Comedy: Despair, style like Farce that's what people are dump about style. They were doing Mystery. Set the key; Humor.
  2. Don't get involved in busy movement. Business, frame joke.
  3. Don't turn to cartoon. you have nowhere to go.
  4. Farce: Problem is: each thing was done mechanically, but then you have to make it real.
  5. First problem: Don't try to be funny at start.
  6. First problem: not funny, because both were trying to be funny.
  7. Problem is the jokes are muddled.
  8. Problem is: What is the key, you must play it, it must amuse heighten people, etc. Larger than life.
  9. Problem with the scene: what is the main thrust of story: to get style. (Her clowning is laughing with the tears.)
  10. The actors here were busy yelling the dialogue to be funny. Heighten people, real, with difficulties (real problems).
  11. The joke has to be perfectly framed (cleaning up the joke). You buried it because you went by it, it was of no importance.
  12. The play is a comedy, that's it.
  13. Thing that is missing: basic joke: (we have all been through it).

"In the end, it can't look like acting."