prize fight


           combat    contest     conflict      purpose of the scene 


      Let's see the prize fight.

   This is a duel.

     Every scene look for two guys in a ring.

     Endless war between men and woman.
    Two contestants look for worthy opponent.

    Equal gladiators.

     Work up torment:

we want the lions to eat Christians.

      Played in human arena, blood thirst. We are beasts, people want blood, they don't want ideas, not intellectual. Give them passion. Give them combat.


      Comedy conflict is higher than drama.

      Audience watches fight. Always a contest.

Who is in charge?

       The old Jewish saying; "one makes pancakes, the other eats them."

Who is the stronger?
Who is the leader?

     Invent characters, they have to be different, who is the aggressor, who is doing what to whom?

"In the end, it can't look like acting."