point of view

  1. How to plan the scene from a showmanship point of view. What should be happening here? What should be happening that is dramatic? Let's look at the elements that are in the story.
  2. Never do a scene without a point of view.
  3. How to approach it. Create an excitement, how do you do that? Picking the objective, look for the point of view of that character. Choice person who is the outcome of the story.
  4. Talking from the audience point of view. Human step of survival.
  5. To logical. Writers point of view. Writer is not a compassionate man. He is an observer.
  6. What is scene about? Talking from the audience point of view.

  1. A point of view, the way it is twisted. Comedic point of view. Think what was funny. Comedic of difficulty.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."