Opposite qualities in the character.

            When you play a saint, look for the villain in him, and when you play a villain, look for the saint in him.

            We don't go around showing what's really inside of us. Wear a mask for protection.

              Comedy is entirely based on opposites.

             do the reverse     rule of opposites


Find the opposites of the person.

     Play a...

angel look for the devil.
bully look for coward.
coward, look for the bully in him.
villain, look for the saint.
saint, look for the villain.
nerd, look for the dignified.
wise man, look for the fool.
fool, look for the savant.
lover look for bumbling fool.
hero, look for the fear.
mean guy, look for the coward.

   Never try to play a mans occupation:

Villain don't play a villain.
Soldier is not a soldier.
Don't play general as a general.
Great lover: don't play lover.
Don't play cop, if a cop.
A person playing stupid doesn't play stupid.
Call girl: Can't play call girl.
Murder doesn't play murderer.
Never act as a dangerous person, if your a dangerous person.
Hookers don't act like hookers.
  1. Attitude makes it work and they have to be opposites.
  2. Basic Joke: Must be opposites.
  3. Black Comedy: Weird, deal with life. Can't play straight. Comedy opposites. Key: Fun and nightmare. Don't go in and out of Drama; soap opera. Need actors who are already off the wall.
  4. Break all the rules. Total opposite.
  5. Character says things off the wall.
  6. Choice the opposite.
  7. Comedy is all about opposites.
  8. Comedy is all opposite of what you say.
  9. Comedy is based on opposites. Farce is life turned upside down. What is norm, then don't do it.
  10. Comedy is opposites, don't get logical.
  11. Comedy of any kind find opposites. Comedy is never literal. Got to be stylized. Directors responsibility to stylize. Find the craziness. This is kooky, how do I make it kooky. Director think as a chief, what am I making. Beef and potatoes.
  12. Comedy: what is the norm do the opposite.
  13. Contradiction of reality.
  14. Counter point. Attitude. Law of Opposites. More obstacles.
  15. Cover guilt, opposite of emotion.
  16. Don't act dangerous.
  17. Don't depend on word jokes. That's the insanity; the opposites. Learn technique it will never fail you. No humor: nothing irrational going on. Be kooky, don't be logical, comedy is opposites.
  18. Don't do the opposite to humanity.
  19. Do opposites.
  20. Emotions must be heighten. This is a funny movie, what are the opposites.
  21. Emotions. Secret of all drama: move people. All theater is about difficulty. Opposite of love is indifference, not hatred.
  22. Everyone has longing for power. When playing a bully find the coward in him.
  23. Everything is opposites. That is the secret.
  24. Farce is life turned upside down. What is norm, then don't do it.
  25. Farce: What is normal and then do the exact opposite.
  26. Find opposites, what is the joke?
  27. Find the opposites.
  28. Humor is always based on the unexpected, an opposite.
  29. He's suffering, but don't play it literally.
  30. Humor is opposites.
  31. Is it more of struggle: Emotion and objective are opposite.
  32. Law of Opposites: Normal reaction, do something opposite.
  33. No opposites, no joke.
  34. Normal reaction, do something opposite. What makes it funny.
  35. Off the wall, opposites.
  36. Opposite of dilemma.
  37. Opposite of demanding from audience trick them into opposite reactions.
  38. Opposite of order is chaos.
  39. Opposite reactions.
  40. Opposites - he's suffering, but don't play it literally.
  41. Opposite} going to bed, both don't want to. Reluctant lovers. 1. stand off from scene. 2. audience view. Total contrast. Do everything that is not normal.
  42. Opposites in comedy.
  43. Opposites like in comedy. Secret of horror what would be different.
  44. Play a bully, look for a coward, his behavior is his mask, a put on.
  45. Play against what is opposite.
  46. Principle of opposites is the whole basis of comedy.
  47. Principles of opposites: the absurdity of things, like the (ice cream and Nicole and Goldman joke.)
  48. Rehearse opposite. How would it go? If not being watched. Play the other circumstance.
  49. Rules of opposites.
  50. Step over manhole, then step in shit, do opposites of the expected.
  51. The unexpected.
  52. To work: Total opposites.
  53. Villains are full of gratitude. Play a villain, look for saint in him. Don't play obvious villain.
  54. Walk in slowly, walk out backwards fast: that's opposites.
  55. We are talking about opposites. We are talking about the rule being; you say to yourself, what is logical and then do anything that is totally opposite to that. Don't do what is logical. The minute you get logical, you get unfunny. Einstein wasn't funny.
  56. What does the audience expect them to do, don't do it. Otherwise, you look like a cop show.
  57. What is normal and then do the exact opposite.
  58. What is the opposites?
  59. What is normal, what is opposite of normal.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."