movie acting



  1. film acting
  2. Story telling has to be behavioral. Movies are all about behavior, play it through, not just dialogue.
  3. Fill screen with presence.
  4. Learn to act for movies.
  5. Movie acting: eyes are most important. They reflect feeling.
  6. Movies are about behavior, otherwise, you are into radio. It's about human beings.
  7. Movies are about behavior. Not interested in plot. Why they happen?
  8. Movies you have to physicalize a change of thought.
  9. Forget all personal habits in film, (fix hair is a no-no.)
  10. Doesn't care what the movie did, or justify it by the movie. All movies do it wrong somewhere.
  11. The emotion is true, the objective is true, everything else is conspired. Lightings, settings, etc.
  12. Excitement fills the screen.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."