move audience

  1. Art of acting is moving the audience not the actor.
  2. Audience is moved by the emotion of actor. Nothing to do with volume. Loud in theater tries to make it dramatic.
  3. Drama is suppose to move the audience emotionally.
  4. Drama: Main thrust is to move you.
  5. Drama: move them.
  6. Drama of the moment: know your next move. Know what is right.
  7. Emotions. Secret of all drama: move people. All theater is about difficulty. Opposite of love is indifference, not hatred. to do
  8. Give images that moves the audience.
  9. Know how to move the audience.
  10. Moving the audience. Not moving the actor.
  11. Territory, art of acting move the audience.
  12. The audience must believe you. You must not be perfect. You learn how to move.
  13. To make you feel, move you.
  14. What is the main thrust of Drama? It is to move the audience.
  1. What is going on that is going to amuse or interest the audience.
  2. What is the main thrust: Comedy: Amuse the audience.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."