Modern Tragedy


          Ordinary people in tragic situations, all central characters die or destroyed in the end.


  1. Meaning of Modern Tragedy: ordinary people in tragic situation.
  2. Modern Tragedy: dark scenes, dark faces, everyone is destroyed or die.
  3. Modern Tragedy: funny at the loss of humanity, laughter without substance.
  4. Modern Tragedy: everything is simplified. People are stripped down to what is essential.
  5. Modern Tragedy: must fall from the throne.
  6. Modern Tragedy: they don't have to look real, real in essence, any action is simple.
  7. Must fall from the throne.
  8. Person in high position, falls to great depth. All central characters die or are destroyed.
  9. They don't have to look real, real in essence, any action is simple.
  10. Tragedy has to go beyond Drama. Tragedy has to bring on emotionally more than drama, it has to bring catharsis. This has got to be an enormous impact on the audience. The audience has to feel disemboweled at the end of the play. That is what tragedy has to achieve. And drama only has to move the audience.
  11. The difference between a drama and Modern Tragedy: modern tragedy is to fall from great height all central characters die, no way out of dilemma. Has to be done in stylized manner.
  12. Very stylish Modern Tragedy.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."