method cumbersome


               Method acting rejected as cumbersome.

            methody           wrong

          In Method acting, mental masturbation feels good, but doesn't get you anywhere.

          What is wrong with Method acting is the actor is always dealing with their own experiences and their own past in being their only way of reacting to things emotionally. That is one of the reason's I reject the Method, because it requires that people use their own life for all the background of their character and I say acting is the work of the actor's imagination. The actor is not the character. The character does not think like the actor, feel like the actor or react like the actor. So, whatever the hell the actor brings of their own life to the character, they got to be very very careful they are not using bits of themselves instead of creating another person.

          No body is interested in deep thinkers, act with feeling. Feeling not intellect. Don't make pictures, be the character. It has nothing to do with actuality. This is where Lee Strasberg was totally wrong. You don't have to experience something to be able to act it.

          Also, in the Method every sentence has an objective and every objective is a beat, that is why ABWAG has done away with all the beats and only change the objective with new information or new event. In other words, the actor has to be as free as possible when they act.

          As a favor to me, forget this psycho therapy stuff called "affective memory" from Method acting. Lets end the suffering of actors. I call them the Method refuges coming out of schools and workshops of Method acting. Most are so disillusioned about their acting they don't know which way to turn. 

          Fortunately, they can find a better way to act with my feel, think, do technique. Just resemble life, don't answer all answers all up front. Feel emotion and do objective, let talent take over, less the better. 

            Something methody: people will tell you they do not teach method acting, but be careful there are many different branches of method acting out there.

          ABWAG is an alternative to method acting.

          ABWAG has taken a few principles of acting from Method acting.

          Method deadly in comedy. It is too subjective. Allows no skill.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."



















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