Be true to the style of the material.

           Understand the material to make choices.

           What is the thrust of the material?

           Your choice of material can be unusual and startling, but then you go at the acting obeying all the best principles of acting.

  1. Actor make it go beyond the material. Be able to create a persona. Actor has to believe in person you create. Interesting, colorful.
  2. A lot of good scenes out there. Don't pick worthless shit.
  3. Beware of material of un-dramatic scene.
  4. Examine the material and always play against it.
  5. Find out what is under the material. Why! Why!
  6. How to deal with material: the good actor do the unexpected.
  7. Lesser material. Don't over act, try not to save the scene.
  8. Look for the element, hot, cold, etc. Circumstances you bring to material. That is what the scene is about: they quarrel, they end up needing each other, play the difficulty. Don't turn it into an opera of sense memory. Just enough to show you are cold.
  9. Main thrust of material: What does it do to audience?
  10. Material that isn't intense, not good material.
  11. Never trust the material, find a way to deal with it.
  12. No writing of depth, as an actor you must create a character.
  13. Qualities, theatrically, interesting in scene, go beyond the material, nice isn't good enough.
  14. Recognize good material.
  15. Rules of style: Read material; What is it? The key. To make choices from what should it do to audience.
  16. Trap of material: no conflict in the scene.
  17. Over complicated. What is material? (only about a man who loves an army.)
  1. Bad material not shtick, more substance more truth.
  2. If material is good, get it out. If material is bad, invent stuff to make it funny.
  3. In comedy find out what is under the material.
  4. Trust the material. Don't add chocolate on top of chocolate.
  5. Can't destroy comedy material: Do away with all meaningless pauses.
  6. What is comic material: why is it funny? Look for the basic joke. There are no new jokes.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."