1. Behavior with mask: we play what we want people to believe.
  2. Characters don't go around showing what's really inside of them, they wear a mask for protection.
  3. Club manager your mask is: (he is the nicest person, he smiles a lot:) that's the attitude.
  4. Don't rob the audience, open the mask slowly, don't play stone face. Audience must know what is going on. (Behind the mask it is dangerous).
  5. Everybody wears a mask.
  6. Find the mask: The mask is what you play. Actors want to play obvious. Humans are cons.
  7. Greek Theater. They wore masks. More proclaiming, learn to be an orator. Every word must be understood, this is not normal speech.
  8. Her mask is: (uptight school teacher.)
  9. His emotion; terror, but behaving as in control; mask.
  10. His mask: (He's not showing his suffering.)
  11. How to play a person insane. Insane: change emotion, alternate between one and another. Pick places to change, terror; wear a mask. Actor is an entertainer. Change to be different; variety.
  12. If you succeed to well in your mask, there is no drama.
  13. Intention of author: What does she know? Both must wear a mask.
  14. Mask of boss: (noble, I can't be bribed, bull shit. Human greed, frailty), that is meaning of play.
  15. Mask of character: aspect of the real characters coming through.
  16. Never deal with human beings without a mask.
  17. People don't go around as a naked ape, they have a mask. What is really going on inside the person is what you choose. What they pretend is only their mask.
  18. People wear a mask.
  19. Pose, her mask: (stern like a teacher.)
  20. Remember people wear a mask.
  21. Reveal one veal at a time.
  22. Suggestions of horror. She can't behave like a victim throughout. She is charming, flirtatious: the mask.
  23. That is what is happening inside, must have a mask.
  24. The face they put on to the world.
  25. Do everything opposite of milking it. Writing makes it trial. Be nice acting, wear the mask so people can't read you. Overcome the difficulty.
  26. The mask is: (everything is ok.)
  28. The way to play power. Find the mask. Don't play villain up front.
  29. What's going on inside, wear the mask on the outside.
It is possible you can learn more from animals than humans in life.
     The actor starts with a clean canvas -- you are the material in creating another person with the character's who am I, what do I feel, what do I want, attitude and mask.
     The character is asking these questions, not the actor:

who am I?

what do I feel?

and what do I want?

     Also, find the personal character's attitude toward others, because every character must have an attitude to make their individual self.
Then give the character a mask... always remember people wear a mask.
     Reading a part, don't believe everything character says: natural behavior of lying everyday.     The face they put on to the world.     What is really going on inside the person is what you choose. What they pretend is only their mask.

However, if you succeed too well in your mask, there is no drama.

Bigfoot "Sasquatch Mountain"

Know what to do with a character even without lines

"In the end, it can't look like acting."