frame the joke

mark in your script jokes

no new jokes

running joke



marriage joke

rule of three


     Get factual. Don't punch anything until something ridiculous. "Beat" before you want them to laugh.


     Joke is like a gem, you have to frame it.

     What is the joke?

     When you are reading your script and you know where the jokes are, put a slash mark next to it so you know when to do the beat. The beat is no more time than time to inhale.

     Once you spot the nature of the joke stay with it.

     Where jokes lie in humanity from start of time.

     Same jokes. Tune in on the joke. Basic joke.

3.      Joke... come out of true dilemma.
has to go in progression.
is where the pie lands.
has to go somewhere.
is: David and Goliath.
lands. Two people have to connect. One makes pan cakes, the other eats it.
of "Cheers": they are all failures.
three times. The third is different.
based on character.
with ease, sneaks up on you.
has to be perfectly framed (cleaning up the joke).
Start, middle, end.
chosen that has the right central core that tickles.
must be specific, clear.

     Old jokes.

     A List of Old Jokes: Tennis joke, back and forth until one doesn't talk.

more when I can think of them...

     Can be used over and over, different circumstances.

1.      Don't lose process of thought, not line to line or thinking and feeling, not necessarily question to question for being funny. Even play human qualities. Terribly real. Go for funny or sentimental. Play for the reality of it, part that moves audience. Play his need rather going for joke. Don't be a clown.
  1. A Series. Just not how many jokes in sitcom, interesting different people, all different kinds of losers.
  2. Basic joke: first part of scene; joke from the cave man times.
  3. Be creditable. Victims; be of equal size. Don't just play the jokes.
  4. Can't play jokes, Comedy is not light.
  5. Character suffering, don't just make dialogue joke.
  6. Comedy is a science: First start with characters; Who are they? What do they feel? What do they want? And add in comedy; What is the underlying joke?
  7. Comedy precision with the jokes.
  8. De-railment is the joke.
  9. Doing Farce. you must know the joke. exactly where you want to laugh. Know shape of the scene. Comedy is an exact science.
  10. Don't depend on word jokes. That's the insanity; the opposites. Learn technique it will never fail you. No humor: nothing irrational going on. Be kooky, don't be logical, comedy is opposites.
  11. Dream up joke, frame it, specific action.
  12. Each joke has to be specific.
  13. Find the joke. Underline funny.
  14. Find the joke that fits the moment in scene.
  15. Frame the jokes. If you don't play the jokes right, they will back fire.
  16. Have a reaction to a joke.
  17. How to built a joke: "Continuous track" don't stop and pause, you don't have to speak fast either. Just keep it going. Can't stop, no periods, don't hurry, just keep it going, then go crazy.
  18. Humor relies on reality. Not on actor's thinking of jokes.
  19. Joke has to go in progression.
  20. Make the jokes play off each other.
  21. Mark where the jokes.
  22. Must achieve reality. Joke sets up, what they are. Tell the story and get the laugh. (Couple of hypocrites.)
  23. No joke unless you react.
  24. Orchestrate toward the joke.
  25. Problem is the jokes are muddled.
  26. Reaction to jokes. Comedy has a straight man and comic. Comic is the one who generates. Straight man gets pie in face.
  27. Study what your funny is: How to play a joke. How to set up joke.
  28. Technique - Once you spot the nature of the joke stay with it.
  29. The joke has to go somewhere.
  30. Three times a joke only a running joke that happens to different people.
  31. The track has to be continuous until the beat before the joke.
  32. Turn around of joke.
  33. Verbal  joke - laugh - reaction.
  34. What is comic material? Why is it funny? Look for the basic joke. There are no new jokes.
  35. What is funny about scene?
  36. When you have a joke sell it in neon lights.
  37. Where are the jokes?
  38. Work clean don't muddle it up.
  39. You must not louse up the joke with physical "business" that distracts the audience.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."