1. A lot of human behavior doesn't make sense.
  2. All human beings try to defend themselves.
  3. Army takes itself serious.
  4. As an actor use what you know.
  5. A**hole everyone has met.
  6. Audience enjoy undercurrent of problems of disaster; potential violence. Underling fireworks.
  7. Audience want to see people off guard, not in control. People struggling against problems.
  8. Awareness of life.
  9. Basically our society goes sentimental.
  10. Behavior with mask: we play what we want people to believe.
  11. Be on humanity.
  12. Caginess of people. Two contestants.
  13. Connection with humanity.
  14. Crazy people don't think they're crazy.
  15. Dealing with an insane society.
  16. Defiance: people do not show their weakness until they are forced to.
  17. Dialogue is chatter. People don't say what they mean.
  18. You can learn more from animals than humans.
  19. Don't do the opposite to humanity.
  20. Don't know where you're going, that is what life is about.
  21. Each person thinks the other has a better time than they have.
  22. Each person wants something from the other.
  23. Elocution: playing the words as they come along. You don't have to show how horrible the words are, if you don't understand character, you can't understand the play. People reveal themselves inadvertently.
  24. Endless war between men and woman.
  25. Explore the people. What is the thing that bonds the people.
  26. Everybody wears a mask.
  27. Everyone has a territory, even the dead.
  28. Everyone has a self-motive. Doing it for themselves.
  29. Everything in life is personal.
  30. Everything is a pistol shot. Every scene has a purpose. Why is scene in picture, why at this moment does he ask her to marry her. Humans can not face the idea to not exist. We can't conceive this. What people want is based on their "pride".
  31. Everything is happening inside of people, inner difficulties.
  32. Everything to humanize it.
  33. Evil is a secret thing, not in the open.
  34. Fanatics do things for selfish reasons, even though they may think otherwise.
  35. Find the mask: The mask is what you play. Actors want to play obvious. Humans are cons.
  36. First thing is to understand people.
  37. Funny at the loss of humanity, laughter without substance. Modern Tragedy
  38. Gangsters of the time were sympathetic, victims of society. They were the one's to pride themselves of doing good.
  39. God: Love one another.
  40. Hamlet: Must show humanity.
  41. Have to know humanity.
  42. Honor among thief's.
  43. How people want to be perceived.
  44. How to compensate for the way we live.
  45. How to make it human, so audience can relate.
  46. Human behavior, fixed ideas, keep your mind open.
  47. Human behavior; understand the creature we are.
  48. Human beings are mysterious, many levels, don't oversimplify things: (all apples are red)
  49. Human beings defend themselves.
  50. Human beings obey natural laws.
  51. Human nature we find that people don't give up. Vanity is the last thing to go.
  52. Human nature. When in doubt attack.
  53. Humans can not face the idea to not exist. We can't conceive this.
  54. Human step of survival.
  55. Human values effect audience, be able to react to character; human experience.
  56. Human will is great: you can hypnotize yourself.
  57. Humanity is a clown. We're all clowns.
  58. Humanity is always dreadful. Don't look for the "ladeda" in life.
  59. Humanity is the secret in all acting.
  60. Humanity. Make the people real. Whole principle of theater.
  61. Humans are only creature who dilute themselves.
  62. Humans: to perpetuate yourself. To do away with death.
  63. In acting, don't do the opposite to humanity.
  64. Joy is contagious, make it.
  65. Lack of compassion we have as humans the audience can relate.
  66. Large human experience down through the ages. Large values hold our society together. Scene: of large human values. Friendship. Stop laugh. change the whole tone. Tell audience this requires respect. Facing the destruction of our society.
  67. Life force: trying to overcome the difficulty.
  68. Life is a continuous thing, so don't do a scene piece by piece.
  69. Life is crazy.
  70. Life is full of interruptions. In the middle of tragedy have an interruption.
  71. Life is not up front.
  72. Life is off the wall, can't be predictable.
  73. Life is so funny, because it is illogical.
  74. Life: nothing organized.
  75. Live it, do it, in life you have a purpose.
  76. Love becomes distorted. Nobody owns nobody.
  77. Man is what he really is like when not observed.
  78. Modern tragedy - funny at the loss of humanity, laughter without substance.
  79. More like a human creature.
  80. Movies are about behavior, otherwise, you are into radio. It's about human beings.
  81. Must resemble humanity. (We have never rehearsed the scene, we don't know what will come next.)
  82. Neurotics attracts psychotics. (Hitler) What made them follow him? She looks up to him. She has all the needs for someone to take care of her. She gets interest from him, which could go to affection.
  83. Never deal with human beings without a mask.
  84. Nobody puts themselves down. People try to do better. Don't put down character.
  85. No man thinks he is a fool.
  86. No one walks around nuts.
  87. No relation is over as long as there is hostility.
  88. No relationship is over until the hostility is gone.
  89. Nobody puts themselves down. People try to do better. Don't put down character.
  90. Not knowing what is coming next.
  91. Opposite of love is indifference, not hatred.
  92. Over all effect in movies is seeing. We are a watching creature.
  93. People always defend themselves, if they stop they are massacred.
  94. People are born with the face.
  95. People are interested in people trying to get through turmoil.
  96. People are involved.
  97. People brought up: "Humor of disaster".
  98. People defend themselves: (sense of being beautiful.)
  99. People disoriented do things disoriented.
  100. People doing what they set out to do.
  101. People don't give out all of their character.
  102. People don't give up.
  103. People don't go around as a naked ape, they have a mask.
  104. People don't react to ideas.
  105. People don't read today; use video to see other times.
  106. People don't reveal themselves completely.
  107. People fight even if they're down.
  108. People like to be liked. Don't make a comment on the character, the audience will decide.
  109. People need to belong together.
  110. People pretended to make love.
  111. People show defiance and pride before they are defeated.
  112. People to one another.
  113. People trying to get over difficulty.
  114. People try to do better. Don't put down character.
  115. People try to remain innocent.
  116. People try to survive.
  117. People who are actors, and their career is going wrong, they act in real life.
  118. People who are exploding: try not to explode.
  119. Person has to live with themselves. No body is guilty.
  120. Play the human being. Show the brave side of life. Look for opportunities.
  121. Play the humanist, not a monument.
  122. Psychotics attract neurotics.
  123. Real human relationship. Real human relationship is many layers, it's not just simple like we would make it. No relationship is. To save him doesn't make sense, but that is the way people are. No body thinks of them self as a son-of-a-bitch. Why did I kill him, because I loved him.
  124. Real people try not to cry. Actors try to cry.
  125. Remember people wear a mask.
  126. Keep rubber band stretched. What shape the scene should take. What is the suspense based on: (her breaking.) Play brings (humanity against government.)
  127. Selfish-motive is the core of our behavior.
  128. Sex is not a spectator sport.
  129. Student of human nature.
  130. The human dilemma; to do everything organized, but in life nothing is organized.
  131. The human element, the reminder of our humanity, that is what we need to be going back to.
  132. The most dangerous thing is stupidity in charge, not evil, evil is predictable.
  133. The normal drive of humans is to keep things normal.
  134. The trouble with most marriages is that each person thinks the other person is having more fun than they are.
  135. The unknown is scary.
  136. They create high drama. People who make drama out of everyday life.
  137. To watch real people under distress, watch Channel 50 Courtroom on TV, that is humanity.
  138. View of things: seen through observation or experience through life.
  139. Wait long enough, all tragedy will turn into comedy.
  140. We all want to be liked.
  141. We are all subtle creatures.
  142. We are all to begin with liars.
  143. We are not heroes in a big moment. Not organized.
  144. We are not motivated by one reason, only by many things, other reasons.
  145. We are the only creatures that dilute ourselves.
  146. We can't think of two things at once.
  147. We don't admire depression.
  148. We don't do things for other people. We are selfish.
  149. We don't face reality, we try to escape it.
  150. We don't look for confrontation in life.
  151. We have enormous resources as humans.
  152. We live in a world of display, nobody is listing.
  153. We tend to be unforgiving to our parents.
  154. We want to see people off guard not in control. People struggling against problems.
  155. What do we do to protect ourselves.
  156. What is the link of humanity.
  157. What makes you an important actor, you find what other people don't. Profound. Actor has a profound understanding of humans.
  158. What people say is a lie, dialogue is not a statement of fact.
  159. What people want is based on their "pride".
  160. When people love one another they fight passionately.
  161. Woman are practical. Men are the dreamers. About practical. Men try to make things romantic. Women try to get down practical, they'll take so much.
  162. (Women like men.)
  163. Wonder of acting: present human beings to other human beings, audience gets glimpses of themselves.
  164. Writer: Give the character a weakness, otherwise he isn't human.
  165. You can't eliminate human pride.
  166. You just can't play the surface, humans are more involved.
Comedy.gif (1360 bytes)
  1. Basis of comedy is credibility. People need to belong together.
  2. Comedy: Humanize, find what is real.
  3. Don't lose process of thought not line to line or thinking and feeling, not necessarily question to question for being funny. Even play human qualities. Terribly real. Go for funny or sentimental. Play for the reality of it, part that moves audience. Play his need rather going for joke. Don't be a clown.
  4. Humanity is a clown. We're all clowns.
  5. Humanity of it get the laughs.
  6. Make the scene look like humanity. "MARRIED WITH CHILDREN" tries not to.
  7. People laugh about themselves.
  8. Some actors are very funny, but also real. The humanity of it.
  9. The humanity of comedy.
  10. Think funny to end up funny, understand life.
  11. Watching ourselves. Sad funny; Jewish humor.
  12. We don't laugh at pain.
  13. Where jokes lie in humanity from start of time.
  14. (Your opinion of yourself is great) Basic Joke. Where jokes lie in humanity from start of time.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."