Part I. SIMPLE  
  Part II. HONESTY  
    A. Don't ACT.  
    B. Just FEEL.  
    C. Making it REAL.  
    D. House of ENTERTAINMENT.  
  Part III. VOCAL  


           Modern acting begins with honesty. Audience knows when people are lying. Just be honest as actor, play out each moment, and find things.

           Being honest: absolute honest in feeling and objective.

           Making it real. Stay honest and only think objective of the character, it saves you from making a lot of mistakes.

             Objective and emotion is the character, reach for the words makes him real.

           From the emotion comes the imagination and from the objective comes the staging.

           Isn't being honest enough?

           American actors are hung up on a search for truth.

           The English never forgot that they're entertainers.

           Very honest, play out each moment and find things.

           Stay honest. Think objective, it saves you from making a lot of mistakes.

           Olivier - Acting is "the art of moving the audience, not the actor."

           Director keeps actors honest.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."