Feeling is where actor's talent lies.

           beyond my boundaries
  1. Actor can't stop feeling. What it is to be a performer? Dies when not emotionally involved.
  2. Actor has to train his or her ear, behavior that the characters are feeling.
  3. Actor to director who just places you, "Could we feel it out".
  4. Drama have complete control, audience can laugh. To make them feel, just not to amuse.
  5. Feel, objective and not too much legs.
  6. First feel.
  7. Give up control. Feel more. Stay with objective more.
  8. It's a bore to watch people think. It's better to watch them feel. 80% feelings, not intellectual.
  9. Main thrust: Drama; to make audience feel, move them.
  10. Make people feel.
  11. Start With: a.) feel; emotion, b.) think; objective, wag.) do; what ever you have to do.
  12. What do I feel? Run the emotion once, body will take over. Then just think objective. It's not emotion, emotion, emotion.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."