Actors are spell binders and entertainers.


  1. 1st: entertainer with score of what you are given. Actor: first be likable.
  2. An actor is an entertainer. Change to be different; variety.
  3. The English never forgot that they're entertainers.
  4. Entertainers. Don't do natural, sameness is fatal. All sameness even voice. Hold interest do entertaining things.
  5. First rule: must entertain the people. Don't be a downer. People will turn you down. Deal with life bravely. Showmanship.
  6. How to play a person insane. Insane: change emotion, alternate between one and another. Pick places to change, terror; wear a mask. Actor is an entertainer. Change to be different; variety.
  7. Learn how to be an entertainer. Take hold of stage. (She has to be passive with answer, he is aggressor), somebody has to be energy. That is theatrical scene.
  8. Make a thing entertaining in feeling.
  9. Paid to entertain.
  10. We demand the two characters colorful. Dramatic conflict between the two. Don't stay in same key throughout. You are an entertainer. A. What is amusing about the scene. 1. (Brave girl and a coward). You got to get literate.
  11. Tune into each other. Think it through as entertainment.
  12. The actor is an entertainer.
  13. The thing to do is not to act; every moment doesn't have to be entertaining.
  14. Actor is an entertainer.
  15. Job to make it colorful; entertainer.
  16. Work as an actor is to be an entertainer.
  17. The Art of Acting Spell binders, entertainers. To act we are talking about skills, you just don't throw yourself into it.
  18. How to entertain an audience?
  19. Never be nothing.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."