Performance energy.

     All performances have to be bigger than life-size.

     Stand in middle of the room and convince yourself that you're not your actual size, but tall enough to reach up and touch the ceiling.

     To hype yourself up for a performance.

      energy of life     Turn on your lights.

  1. Don't use energy you use in life. Bigger than life style, fill stage, screen.
  2. Don't walk into a scene with the same energy of life. Act with a larger energy. Use everything you can in your relationship.
  3. Everything is up front, don't whisper, fill the space, voice and energy.
  4. Farce can't be played low energy, or quiet, or subtle. Play louder and funnier. How far from the norm?
  5. Has nothing to do with normal behavior, framing jokes, high energy.
  6. Learn how to be an entertainer. Take hold of stage. (She has to be passive with answer, he is aggressor), somebody has to be energy. That is theatrical scene.
  7. Must use energy for entertainment.
  8. You have to explore every moment with all your energy. Play all the values. (Look at the table.) To turn on your lights also means to turn on all your awareness.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."