emotion and objective


actor      plan

     From the emotion comes the imagination and from the objective comes the staging.

     Chose emotion and objective, your body will behave in the character.

     Don't be a character in your head, it will never show. Use emotion and objective for your behavior. People go "to see a movie", they don't go "to listen to a movie".

     Don't be yourself with just emotion and objective, also who am I.

     Just have a general idea of scene. Ammo given to actors is the emotion and objective. Director then let's the actors go.

     Stay with one objective and one emotion until something occurs to change it.

     Emotion and objective don't go together. They can even be in conflict, which is most of the time anyway.

     Everything has to have an emotion and objective.

     Also, use sense memory for everything.

     And be true to the style of the material.

     When doing a shot over, do not repeat yourself, but do again what caused it with the characters emotion and objective you have chosen.

     Don't repeat something, go back to the cause of it (the emotion and the objective) when redoing a scene, then hoping your talent will even make it better

"In the end, it can't look like acting."