elements in the scene



time urgency

  1. Circumstances don't make it work. Look for the element, hot, cold, etc. Circumstances you bring to material. That is what the scene is about: (they quarrel, they end up needing each other), play the difficulty. Don't turn it into an opera of sense memory. Just enough to show you are cold.
  2. Element missing: (They wind-up falling in love.)
  3. How to plan the scene from a showmanship point of view. What should be happening here? What should be happening that is dramatic? Let's look at the elements that are in the story. (Blue Moon)
  4. Missing element: (could be any happy people.)
  5. Missing human element.
  6. Now you got all kinds of elements that are dramatic. (Blue Moon)
  7. Time element.
  8. Whole element behavior, lift it off pages.

  1. Didn't use all comedy elements of scene. 

  2. Element: set tone of scene, let audience know, that they are to laugh.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."