What effect should it have on the audience?

  1. All choices how people will react. You begin to make choices. Effect scene has on audience. Part of how you plan it. Style: Drama. Objectives.
  2. Always want the audience on your side. How do you want it to effect the audience.
  3. Compassion. Get it into your acting. Let things effect you.
  4. Beware: don't feel sorry for yourself. Playing effect can't do on audience. Devise away to get the audience to react: (audience cry, audience pity.)
  5. Don't play the effect, you cry audience won't cry.
  6. Don't play the effect you want the audience to react too.
  7. Don't play the effect how you want the audience to react.
  8. How must the scene effect the audience?
  9. How this scene effects audience. (Audience is shocked and alarmed).
  10. How to get the effect?
  11. Human values effect audience, be able to react to character; human experience.
  12. Over all effect in movies is seeing. We are a watching creature.
  13. Problem with scene: drama is supposed to effect the audience, feel for these people.
  14. Theater is a series of effects. Audience will make their own truths. Make the right choices. Can it be accepted as true. Audience believe the character. Art is not truth.
  15. What effect do you want on the audience?
  16. What effect does this have on audience? Ominous.
  17. What effect should it have on the audience. Audience reacts to individuals.
  18. What is going to get the audience by their pulse. You gotta get hold of their wrists. You gotta get in tune with bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp and you gotta look for everywhere to do that.
  19. What will this effect have on the audience?

"In the end, it can't look like acting."