Playing a drunk.


  1. Coordination: off blur vision, hearing weird.
  2. Don't be poetic drunk, don't make pictures. Alcoholism: panic when running out of booze don't cradle the bottle, don't indicate. Actor must present the character.
  3. Drunk condition: floor is moving, eyes out of focus, you see four chairs, instead of one, tongue is three times as thick, like having thick paper wad in your mouth.
  4. Drunks: think they were funny, great, all powerful, so wonderful, adorable, don't play victim.
  5. Eye sight is fussy.
  6. React to what you're drinking.
  7. Show what happens to a person totally drunk.
  8. Was because actors didn't understand scene or know how to do drunkenness.
  9. When playing drunk, play like your tongue is real thick when you speak.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."