The secret of drama is difficulty.

     Audience like to watch people trying to overcome their difficulties, the tougher the better.

     Who is doing what to whom?

     Objectives must always be difficult to attain.

     Author is calling our attention to the difficulties of being a ________?

character     director     plot


     Drama is based on difficulty. That's the secret.

     Character in a state of difficulty:


is difficulty for characters.

     Keep character in difficulty as long as possible.


is not enough to look calm (anger), you're under difficulty.  

     Life force is trying to overcome the difficulty.

    Audience is interested in people trying to get through turmoil.


     What you act is getting over the difficulty.

     Find out the difficulty...

(stress) put on my character.

     Act all the aches and pains.

and extend it.
and forget plot.

     Audience don't like people falling to pieces, they want to see them overcome their difficulties.

     Create the largest difficulty as possible for yourself.
  1. Actors want to sit down, try not to sit down. Don't do conventional stage things, just standing and just sitting. Not enough difficulty.
  2. Act out difficulties.
  3. All difficulties come from infancy: emotions.
  4. Always find the unexpected. Resemble reality it has to be conspired reality. Planned reality is not organized: ragged edge is not smooth. Actors have to throw in difficulties. That is the human dilemma. Do everything organized. Life, nothing is organized.
  5. Audience watching our own difficulties. Audience has to relate.
  6. Audience likes characters to overcome difficulties.
  7. Be sensitive to the difficulties of the characters.
  8. Character problem.
  9. Characters in jeopardy.
  10. Comedy and drama build on difficulty.
  11. Difficulties are based on character.
  12. Difficulty, don't let guy get over difficulties.
  13. Difficulty has to mount.
  14. Difficulty, it is a contest.
  15. Difficulty is what comedy is about.
  16. Difficulty is the fuel that lights our acting fires. When the characters have goals that are easy to attain, or if they give up trying, the audience loses interest in them. The greater the struggle, the more the excitement. The larger the risk, the greater the suspense.
  17. Difficulty of success.
  18. Difficulty of character.
  19. Difficulty to difficulty.
  20. Do everything opposite of milking it. Be nice acting, wear the mask so people can't read you. Overcome the difficulty.
  21. Do everything to make it difficult.
  22. Don't make it easy for yourself, lead your character to a problem.
  23. Don't play into difficulty of the audience. Self pity don't do.
  24. Do something the hardest way possible.
  25. Drama is difficulty, that's the secret.
  26. Drama is difficulty held by emotionalism.
  27. Elizabethan period has physical difficulties with clothes.
  28. Every possible difficulties. Stay away from bowls or post nasal drip.
  29. Everything is happening inside of people, inner difficulties.
  30. Find out what is the stress put on my character.
  31. Find the difficulty and extend it. Forget the plot.
  32. Humor comes out of difficulty.
  33. Increasing the possibility of danger.
  34. If you don't have sufficient difficulty, it lacks drama.
  35. If your emotion is anger, it is very hard to calm yourself to do that. That is your acting problem, that is the difficulty of the character.
  36. In a state of difficulty.
  37. Life force: trying to overcome the difficulty.
  38. Look for everything to make it difficult for the character.
  39. People coping with difficult situation. A whole person in difficulty. Reactions and just not dialogue. It's about behavior.
  40. Scene is foreplay, once you get through screwing it's over. Find difficulty and then prolong it.
  41. Secret of comedy like drama is difficulty.
  42. Set-up as many difficulties for protagonist.
  43. Struggle for what the character wants.
  44. Whatever their problem, it has to be huge.
  45. What the character wants, don't give up as character people trying to overcome difficulty.
  46. What will create difficulty?
  47. What you act is getting over the difficulty.
  48. What difficulties the character are under at moment. Create suspense, you have to be in difficulties.
  1. A point of view, the way it is twisted. Comedic point of view. Think what was funny. Comedic of difficulty.
  2. Actors try to make themselves comfortable. Must have difficulty, don't play minor, not a relaxed person. Groucho Marx, everything they do are on the run; frantic.
  3. Comedy is difficult, Farce even more.
  4. Humor comes out of difficulty.
  5. Laurel and Hardy: driving force gets it done, one has to be driving force, other guy leads into difficulty.
  6. On sitcoms watch the difficulty.
  7. The secret of all comedy and all drama is difficulty.
  8. We laugh at people in extreme difficulty, don't give yourself as actor any comfort.

     Key to comedy is to have difficulty like in drama, but even greater.

     Humor comes out of difficulty:

     Increasing the possibility of danger.

     Without difficulties there is no comedy.

     Physical difficulties.
     Real problems. (not  actors yelling the dialogue to be funny.)

     The more you are in trouble the funnier it is. That is the secret of comedy.

     We laugh at people in extreme difficulty, don't give yourself as actor any comfort. Lead your character to a problem.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."