1. Anyway you can get displayed, reasonable. A conversation is not a scene. Content and moment.
  2. Don't bring in your own. Find the man's limitation, no matter what. The content: you must hold something back.
  3. Every frame must be filled with content: all about feeling.
  4. Fill each moment with content.
  5. Find a way to fill the content. Fill the silences.
  6. Find his way, string of beads, exploring the content, scene is loaded with opportunities.
  7. Find character's way, string of beads and exploring the content.
  8. Never gets to normal. Don't play the manner. Emotional content.
  9. Scene has content, a whole piece, beginning, middle, end.
  10. Stage only for meaning: Content of scene.
  11. Theatrical qualities; great deal of content.
  12. The content: you must hold something back.
  13. What is the real content?

"In the end, it can't look like acting."