What is the conflict?

     Casual conversation is not a scene. Scene is a struggle of wills, contest, kind of combat.

     Look for what's dramatic and entertaining: don't make negative choices.

     Audience lose interest in characters who give up.

     Conflict between people.

     Conflict inside the characters themselves.

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     What is the drama in scene?

     Find the conflict between...


     Endless war between men and woman.

your own characters emotion and objective, which is in conflict most of the time anyway.

     Scene ain't worth anything unless there is conflict. Someone has to attack.

     Scenes are played in human arena, blood thirst. We are beasts, people want blood, they don't want ideas, not intellectual. Give them passion. Give them combat.


     Audience demand the two characters colorful.

     How to plan the scene from what is happening?

     Dramatic conflict between the two characters.

     Scene is contest, a fight, conflict, combat, small war, comeback...

     Every scene look for two guys in a ring. Find the conflict.
     Find conflict in your own emotion and objective.
     Look for the selfish motive.
     Don't stay in same key throughout.
     Act III resolve what everything the audience should know.

     To make a contest, to make a conflict, even though you are friends.

     Trap of material: no conflict in the scene.

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     Comedy conflict is higher than drama.

     Who is in charge?      The old Jewish saying, "one makes pancakes, the other eats them".
     Who is the stronger?      Hardy plays wiser.
     Who is the leader?


     Who is the aggressor?


     Who is doing what to whom?


     What is amusing about the scene?      Brave girl and a coward. You got to get literate.

     Still has to have combat where the situation is funny.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."