comedians and comics


     The difference between comics and comedians.

     Comedian create a credible human being, drama, and stay inside the imaginary fourth wall of scene.

      His character must truly suffer the difficulties of life and not know that he's funny.

       Comedians must learn precision.

      comedy     funny man and clown     precision     straight man


     A comedian stays in the four walls.

     Create a reality.

     Suffering of the character.

     Both can't be comedian. Audience identification is straight man. The other is the clown.

     Grand opera.
     Catastrophe is the secret.
     Learn precision.

     You have to know where the laughs are and then define them. Comedian has to decide where laugh is. Leave time for laugh. Know in your planning the big ones, normal ones, chuckles, etc.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."